No Arms? No Problem! Talented Guitar Player With No Arms!

See how Tony Melendez has inspired people the world over… including the Pope!

Tony Melendez is such an inspiring man! Born with no arms, Tony was determined never to let his “handicap” get in the way of his dreams. At a young age he picked up his father’s guitar and began playing it with his feet. Now Tony is a world-renowned musician and motivational speaker, who has traveled the world, playing for huge audiences, world leaders, and even the Pope. In a 1987 performance for Pope John Paul II, the Pontiff leaped from the stage, kissed Tony, and told him, “Tony you are truly a courageous young man, my wish is that you continue to give hope to all the people.”

Since then Tony has made a life of showing others that we all have so much God-given potential. It’s up to us not to waste it! Visit Tony’s website and learn more about this inspirational man!