Psalm 46 Like You’ve Never Seen Or Heard Before!

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In this visually stunning short film by MovingWorks, we are shown footage of war, famine, disease, and injustice that is all too familiar this day in age. In striking contrast to these devastating images, we are shown a young woman, walking along a peaceful stream in the sunlight. This is how our spirits are to be at peace, even in the tragedy, even in the unknown and unthinkable. How can we reconcile peace with injustice? We love and serve a God who is in control. In the middle of Psalm 46 is an often quoted verse, “Be still and know that I am God,” (vs. 10). Surrounding this treasured verse, we get a picture of torn world, a broken people, and yet a God who offers solace and comfort.

Watch this short film, and may the peace of God wash over you today!

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