Woman Selling Flowers On Subway Moved To Tears By Man’s Act Of Kindness

It’s amazing what a little kindness can do in someone’s life.

It has been said before but there is just something about a random act of kindness that can change the entire trajectory of a person’s day.

The woman in this video is a prime example of this. She happened to be selling flowers in a subway car when this touching interaction took place. It is certainly a must see and we are still doing our best to dry our eyes.

Photo: YouTube/Maria Lopez

She was selling roses for a dollar apiece. A man walked up to her and asked how much he would be charged for 15 roses. Once she gave him a price, he did some quick calculations. He wanted to buy all of the flowers that she had and made her an offer. She is clearly stunned when she hears the number and needs a moment to process it.

As soon as she realizes what is going on, her whole demeanor shifts. She goes from a state of total disbelief to something else entirely.

Photo: YouTube/Maria Lopez

Her level of gratitude towards this man really jumps off the screen, doesn’t it? The video is not done there, either. This stranger clearly had more acts of kindness in mind but we are not about to spoil the video for any of our viewers.

You won’t be able to believe what he does with all of his newfound flowers. Does he decide to be the ultimate ladies’ man or does he have a completely different purpose in mind? You are going to have to watch the video and judge for yourself. Be sure to have the tissues on hand.

Photo: YouTube/Maria Lopez

These are the messages that need to be shared far and wide. There is just something about seeing someone do a good deed like this that makes us want to do good work in our own communities. It’s contagious, isn’t it? Sometimes, all it takes is the smallest gesture to completely make someone’s day and we all could stand to be more cognizant of that.

As for this man, we hope that his good deed was paid forward. Once someone has done a good deed for you, the best thing that you can do is help someone else.

Perhaps this woman redirected her sales proceeds to another person in need? Maybe we will get a follow-up video where we get to see what happened once all of these people went their separate ways…..that would be pretty awesome!