Miracle at The Lake

A Heroic story of good samaritans coming to the aid of someone in need

“We left my friend’s house at a certain time, didn’t have to stop at any red lights, got lost…“If we had showed up 30 seconds later, he probably would have been dead.” –

In Lake Mary, Florida, Hunter Haire and five of his high school friends friends jumped into Haire’s SUV around 10 p.m. They were all heading to a friends house. Though they’d driven the streets often, the group couldn’t their friend’s house, and Haire’s iPhone GPS wasn’t working.

So, he pulled into a parking spot facing a small lake to see if he could get the GPS to work. Right when, Haire was entering the address of the house, Haire’s friend Zac Sawin, glanced up from the backseat and saw a pair of lights glowing eerily from the lake in the water. “There’s a car in the water!” he cried.

Because it was night, the boys could barely make out the silhouette of the driver through the window. “We thought, We’ve got to get this guy out of there now, or he’s going to die,” says Haire.


He and Sawin ran into the cold water and swam to the sinking car. Inside, Miguel Hernandez, 23, was clutching the steering wheel and staring straight ahead in shock. Haire reached the car first and convinced Hernandez to roll down the passenger-side window. Haire climbed inside and wrestled with Hernandez’s seat belt. Then water began pouring into the car, causing it to slip toward the bottom of the lake.

Haire crawled out the open window, and then he and Sawin yanked Hernandez out of the car and pulled him back to the shore as the car sank completely into the blackness below.

God works in mysterious ways and has a reason for everything.