United States Marine Matt Bussen was traveling home with a group of fellow Marines following two weeks of training in Alabama. While on the airplane home, Bussen was singing to a woman next to him who was nervous about flying.

A flight attendant overheard the singing Marine and approached him with a request. She asked him to sing for the entire plane full of passengers and crew. Bussen didn’t hesitate at all — he agreed to to it.

“Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Matt Bussen with the United States Marine Corps,” he said, followed by “Oorah!” from the other Marines on the airplane.

The song he decided to sing for the passengers and fellow Marines was “Home” by musician Michael Buble.


“Going home had been on my mind all day, so when I got up to sing, that was the song that felt right,” Bussen told MailOnline.

That’s why his spot-on rendition of Michael Buble’s “Home” is so beautiful: he himself is coming back home to the people who love him, whom he loves, and with whom he is serving in the military.


“I am happy that this video is generating so much support for the military and humanizing what it means to be away and come home,” Bussen told MailOnline.

The people who had the honor of taking this plane ride with this awesome man seem truly happy that he has chosen to grace them with his fantastic voice. And you will be too after you watch his stunning performance.

Take a moment to watch the video. We guarantee after the first few seconds of the song, you won’t be able to stop listening! This guy is a hero in more ways than one!

Hear his amazing voice in this video!