Man Loses 100 lbs. So He Can Donate a Kidney to His Sister


Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. – John 15:13

kidneyJeremy Bell didn’t lay down his life for his little sister Crystal but he has achieved a huge accomplishment in order to save her life. Bay News 9 reports that the Lakeland, Florida man lost over 100 pounds so that would be eligible to donate a kidney to his sister. Crystal, who suffered from a congenital disease that destroyed her kidneys, was given a transplant but undiagnosed Addison’s disease destroyed that donated kidney. Now she endures kidney dialysis several times a week in order to survive.

Jeremy moved his family to be closer to his sister so that he would be motivated to work harder and lose the weight. When asked why he’s doing this he responded, “Would you push them out of the way if a car was coming? Would you protect them if someone was breaking into your house? I have a spare kidney. How could I not give it to her?”

We pray that the family is able to raise all the money they need for the transplant and that both Jeremy and Crystal are able to live long and healthy lives!

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