This Man is Building a Cathedral by Hand

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Justo Gallego has been building a cathedral in Madrid, Spain, for nearly 53 years. At 90 years old, Justo still gets up every day and dutifully works on this beautiful structure.

He says everyone thought he was crazy when he started. “They didn’t think I would be so dedicated. And, well, I’m proving them wrong. It makes me happy that they see what a man can do when he trusts in Christ.”

YouTube/Great Big Story

Despite having no formal architectural training, Justo set his mind to the task at hand, largely working alone on this massive undertaking. He says he is just a simple laborer doing what God has called him to do.

The cathedral has a parish hall, cloisters, a baptistry, a large dome, and a crypt with a staircase unlike any other in Madrid. It’s clear Justo is very proud of his work, as he should be!

YouTube/Great Big Story

At 90, Justo knows he won’t finish the cathedral in his lifetime, but he’s content to work on it until his final days. “I’m leaving it to the divine hand. I don’t know how far it will go. It’s best to leave God in charge.”

Justo Gallego wants to be buried in his cathedral, which is a testament to his life, his faith, and his dedication to the work the Lord has given him.

YouTube/Great Big Story

Watch the video below to see more amazing shots of this cathedral!

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