Make Tithing Easy

“I never would have been able to tithe the first million dollars I ever made if I had not tithed my first salary, which was $1.50 per week.”
— John D. Rockefeller

These days it seems like all money has gone digital. How much of your daily transactions do you do with a credit or debit card? Do you ever even carry cash, much less a checkbook around with you anymore? When was the last time you even saw your checkbook? With online bill pay options they’re practically obsolete!
That may mean that technology has helped simplify your life but it also means you may need to make an extra effort when it comes to tithing. If you keep forgetting to grab your checkbook on the way out the door to church here are a few tips for you that may help simplify or even automate your tithing.

Automatic Withdrawal
Most of us have an auto withdrawal set up for one account or another and, fortunately, most churches can set you up as well. All it requires is that you provide your church with your bank routing and account numbers and the amount you wish to tithe each month along with a voided check or deposit slip. And you’re done. How easy is that?!

Online Bill Pay
Most bank accounts have online bill pay as a standard feature or at least a feature you can add for an additional fee. Tell your bank how much you wish to tithe each month and they’ll send your church the check.

Online Giving Systems
These third-party solutions handle all online tithing for your church. A couple examples of these processors are and Remember, even if these are non-profit organizations they will take a cut of your donation and, therefore, are a less desirable than giving directly to your church.

Automated Tithing Machines
These new ATMs are the kind that take your money instead of give it out. Automated Tithing Machines allow you to swipe a card and key in how much you wish to tithe. We’ve never seen one of these in person and imagine they’re only getting used by the larger churches. Again, take into consideration that these ATMs will take a portion of your donation.

We hope these tips will help you keep up with your monthly obligation to tithe!

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