Even Ellen Can’t Keep it Together With This Hilarious 5-Year-Old!

Macey Hensley is 5-year-old presidential expert. She also happens to be one of Ellen’s most hilarious guests of all time! Even Ellen can’t keep it together in this adorable interview.

Macey and Ellen had so much fun together, Ellen invited her back for a Presidential debate with “House of Cards” President Kevin Spacey. Spacey is a talented actor and comedian, but can he compete with Macey’s expertise?

You’ll crack up when Spacey mouths “how does she know this” at Ellen after a particularly tough question. And you won’t believe the last task – identifying presidents by their photos! Could you do it? In Spacey vs. Macey, there can only be one winner!

Recently, Macey was back on The Ellen show and got to meet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Ellen knows Macey’s favorite color is blue, so she gave her an amazing gift when she got to meet the Secretary of State!