Even Ellen Can’t Keep it Together With This Hilarious 5-Year-Old!

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How many U.S. presidents do you know. Not that many? Yeah, we thought so. Do you even know how many of them there have been so far?

Most of us just don’t spend enough time studying the presidents to be able to list them all off or know anything about most of their lives.

Macey Hensley may only be 5 years old, but she already knows more about the U.S. presidents than most people learn in a lifetime.

This girl is amazing! She even knows the presidents by their faces alone. Is it just me, or do all those pictures start to look the same after a while?

The spunky youngster is also one of Ellen’s most hilarious guests of all time! See Ellen crack up at 5:00 as she gives Macey a presidential trivia quiz.

We all know Ellen loves to laugh, but it takes a lot to impress her the way this kid does.

Ellen always has the most interesting people on her show. But what could possibly follow this act? It’s so great!

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How can Macey (and Ellen) possibly top that performance?

Well, Ellen couldn’t resist inviting Macey back to the show for a huge surprise: an introduction to the president of the United States! Most kids would probably ask him about his favorite color, his family, or his dogs, but we all know Macey isn’t most kids when it comes to learning about all things presidential. What do you think she will ask?

Of course, President Obama isn’t the only president Macey was destined to meet. Recently, Macey decided to give being a ventriloquist a try, with the assistance of a very special President George W. Bush doll. Imagine her excitement at the opportunity to tour of the George W. Bush Presidential Library with her doll. Then a door opens, a very special guest walks in, and the expression on Macey’s face (at 3:11!) is priceless.

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