This Mom Slipped A Letter Into Her Daughter’s Lunch Every Day For A Year. A Decade Later, The Advice Still Rings True

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

Sixth grade is a difficult time in a girl’s life. It is a time when they need the wisdom, kindness, and understanding of a mother. It’s also a time when they start to gain a little independence, and might not seek out the advice of a parent. Skye’s mom found a way to break through, and remind her daughter of some important lessons. She left Skye over 100 letters and notes of encouragement in her lunchbox throughout the year, and more than a decade later, Skye still has them all. In fact, she used them for her thesis in grad school.

Momma had lots of wisdom on navigating the “girl world,” on illness in the family, moving, happiness, and of course, love. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of advice:

Don’t be quick to judge the girls at school, it’s up to you to find good in everyone.

8052215914_6291eaf215_b We often want to protect our kids from the gossip and the mean things others can say, but we don’t think about our kid being the one saying those mean things. This particular piece of advice is so refreshing, in that it tries to get at the heart of the issue: we are all that person who initially judges and wants to gossip. So let’s fight the temptation in ourselves first, before blaming others.

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