Love & Loss: Husband Carries Out Late Wife’s Dreams

Watch this touching story of a man, determined to honor his wife’s memories by accomplishing what she could not.

Meghan Baker was a fighter. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she fought the deadly disease for over year. While she underwent cancer treatment she blogged about her experience. She quickly gained a following of loyal readers, who were moved by her revealing insight into the life of someone fighting against cancer. Meghan began making a list of things that she had to live for. Reasons why she wouldn’t let the cancer win. And she beat the cancer back into remission. Sadly, though, the cancer reappeared. This time it was in her brain and there was nothing the doctors could do to save her.

After she passed, her husband, Adam was convinced that her dreams would be lived out. He was going to fulfill every one of the items on her list that didn’t get to do in life. See how the generosity of strangers has helped this young widower travel the world, honoring and mourning his beloved. You can visit the blog that Meghan started and Adam has continued, here.