How Can I Forgive Those Who Sin Against Me?

Bless, for to this you have been called, that you may receive a blessing! – 1 Peter 3:9

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At age 82, I’ve finally figured out that my old nature is 100% unforgiving. When, even for an instant, I quit walking in the Spirit, you might say I could even “unforgive” things I had already forgiven! But when I’m walking in the Spirit, the John 17 Spirit of The Father in Christ living in me in unity with my Brothers and Sisters in Him, forgiving is so easy because looking at His forgiveness for me as He was Paying The Price for them on His Cross, I can pre-forgive everybody from now to Eternity!

How To Walk In The Spirit

I look at it this way: The LOVER, living in me, has inexhaustible oceans of love He wants to pour through me to the world. My INTERCESSOR prays through me anything and everything He wants to accomplish in everybody. My GIVER wants to give, through me, anything He puts in my heart to ask, for anybody. My FORGIVER wants to forgive, through me, anybody who needs forgiveness… which is probably most people I will ever meet. My BLESSER wants to bless everybody I can reach with His II Peter 1:2-4 rich blessings plus every other blessing and resource mentioned in His Word… they are all there, just for the asking… to, as He commands in I Peter 3:9: “Bless, for to this you have been called, that you may receive a blessing!”

Names of Jesus… Living In You

Isaiah 9:6 lists only four names of Jesus: “Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” I have two books listing 365 of His Bible names and titles… so you can have lots of fun adding to this list as you learn Who is living in you! But here’s one more: My OVERCOMER wants to overcome through me! Now that you know this, you are, from now on, a full-fledged, washed-in-His-Blood, Overcomer!

As you wake up every morning, Overcomer, picture yourself as a fireman with a high-pressure water hose (connected to oceans of all the above) coming over your shoulder and in your hands is the big brass fire nozzle ready to deliver them full blast in a split second! You can pray something like, “Father, this old world (including even some of my family and friends and brothers and sisters in Christ) tried to do me in yesterday, the day before, and as far back as I can remember… and sure as heaven and hell will try to do me in today. Bring it on! We’re ready! Then, as you drive to work or go wherever, God’s angels, ministering to you by helping your ministry, shepherd certain people into your field of vision. They may be cutting you off in traffic or rubbing you the wrong way at your office or at school. This one has just been betrayed by her spouse, this one has just been wronged and is on his way to kill, that one had learned of a life-ending medical diagnosis and his contemplating suicide right now, and they ALL need forgiveness… and guess who is God’s favorite Overcomer He has sent not only with His Forgiveness, but to bless with every blessing in The Book? So open your mouth and let His oceans of blessings and forgiveness pour through it! Are we having fun yet?