They May Go by in an Instant, but if You Stitch ‘Em All Together We Can Have a Lifetime of Smiles!

For kids from one to ninety-two, that expression is pure joy. We should all be so blessed to have a lifetime of smiles.

If you’re a parent, you probably remember that first moment in the delivery room as your child cried and your reaction. Days later, as your baby adjusted to seeing you, recognizing you, the most precious and untrained of actions happened. This spontaneous reaction, a twitch of a few muscle groups in the face, is a universal signal of happiness, contentment – and its a joy in and of itself. We’re talking of course of the smile, which light up our faces for a brief instant. But like the old Christmas song goes about “kids from one to ninety-two,” if you stitch all the smiles of a life together, you can probably end up with a lifetime worth celebrating. So for all the kids and all the adults, click play for a lifetime of smiles.