Life: Make it Count

Get out and live! Make your life count for something! This viral video will inspire you!

When Nike asked filmmaker Casey Neistat to shoot a short film showing what it means to #makeitcount, Casey did what few us would have thought to do. He and his friend, Max Joseph went on a 10 day, whirl wind tour of the world! Their hectic travels, cut to inspiring quotes from some of the greatest men and women in history, show us how important it is to break out of your comfort zone and make your life count.

While this flim is essentially a commercial for a Nike product, one can read a much deep message into what you see. As Christians we know that it is incumbent upon us to witness Jesus Christ, to spread the Gospel, and to just live our lives faithfully, in Christ. Christ called on His followers to make it count, and if He were here today, posting on twitter, He might write “#makeitcount”. What are you doing in your life, right now, to make it count?