According To This Pastor, It Doesn’t Matter How You Feel, Because THIS Matters More

On Sunday mornings, it’s sometimes hard to actually move ourselves to praise, to be cheerful. The line at Starbucks was long and I missed my coffee, some member (or worse: a guest I don’t know) parked in my usual spot, I didn’t get to sleep in and it’s not even a work day. But God’s salvation isn’t about the way we feel; it’s about Who He is and what He’s already done for us. When we don’t feel Him near, He is still with us. This makes it easy to be joyous even if we are not in a good mood – to know, to be reminded of the comfort that God is there, that God has saved. In this short clip below, Alistair Begg relates an experience that made him realize this.

See his profound and moving proclamation that it’s not about feeling, but about truth!

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