One Homecoming Queen’s Mission To Uganda’s Orphans

Katie Davis was the all-American girl. Which of these does not belong: homecoming queen, honors graduate, adoptive mom of fourteen Ugandan girls? At 16, Katie told her parents over a sushi dinner that she wanted to take a year off after high school to go into missions. With a dubious father and supportive mother, Katie volunteered to teach kindergarten in Uganda, where she met three girls with no home. She brought them to her home. Three days later, the youngest called her “mommy.” At 22, Katie Davis was the mother of fourteen orphaned girls, and she was never coming back to America. “Adoption is God’s heart,” says Katie, knowing that it is through Jesus that she is adopted adopted. Simon & Schuster has published Katie’s first book about adoption and redemption, and her inspiring story is in the video below!

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