Meet Judah. This curly-haired little blonde boy likes “painting,” playing in the yard, being a big brother and cake. There’s one other thing: he shouldn’t be alive.

When Judah was born, his mother can only remember a fleeting image of his foot as he was rushed off for neonatal open heart surgery. Judah’s congenital heart condition was “incompatible with life,” as the doctor’s said. But because of where he was born, the good fortune of a first world country, highly trained doctors and medical safety nets, he lived. It’s an everyday occurrence that doesn’t make the news because big miracles seem so small. But half a world away, small miracles can sometimes seem so big. It’s the difference between dying of infection and getting proper treatment for a broken leg. That’s why Judah’s family sponsors a child through Compassion International. See their awesome story below.