Jim Anderson Has No Kids of His Own, but THESE Kids Are Building Him a House. Find Out Why!

At Texas Tech University in Lubbock, student athletes, managers and a non-profit group are helping a humble Air Force vet overcome.

Long before a tipoff, Jim Anderson is on the court preparing for the game. He’s there hours before anyone else shows, and hours after everyone else leaves. He’s not a player or a coach; he’s a facilities technician at United Spirit Arena for Texas Tech University. Five years ago, Jim’s home burned to the ground, and the Air Force vet has lived in a tent with his two cats ever since. Student athletes and team managers know Jim as part of the family, and with no family to help, they told Jim “we’re all your kids.” How do kids help parents in need? Senior Marshall Thornhill had a plan. See the uplifting story of God’s plan, compassion and community in the video below!