Jesus Saves Young Woman From Suicide and Terrible Car Crash

She spent a lifetime trying to hide her pain from others and God. Finally she realized she needed to take off the mask.

See how this young woman had spent her whole life wearing masks. Despite the fact that she went to church every Sunday and had the outward appearance of a happy Christian, she was suffering on the inside. She struggled with alcoholism and depression. At one point she was involved in a head on collision on the freeway, from which she and the family she hit were miraculously unharmed. That incident was the wake up call for her to truly seek and and allow Him to work in her. She was finally able to take off those masks and be true to herself and to God.

We all need to learn that we can’t spend our lives hiding who we are. We need to take off the masks we wear to hide from others and from God. See another inspiring video about taking off your mask now.