I Love the Internet and I Love People. Sometimes These Two Things Just Don’t Mix – Which Is Why We’re Connected, but Kind of Lonely.

The Internet is awesome in that it allows us to connect with so many. But people aren’t digital, and this connection can be lonely.

I love the Internet. I work here, blogging, and sharing to Facebook – engaging with a great audience. As you might imagine, FaithHub really enjoys using the web. We’re even quite evocative in our praise of the world wide web and all it can accomplish. But there’s a down side to the Internet. No, I’m not talking about certain websites you really shouldn’t visit regularly or the ease with which you can hide activity from loved ones – sometimes the latter is useful in, say, buying an engagement ring – but the social dynamic itself. What do I mean? In short, we weren’t supposed to have 500 friends on Facebook. We were supposed to have 50 in our real life. And the attempt to connect on social media has made us more together, but more lonely all the same. I’ll let this great video and the words of Sherry Turkle describe it. Call a friend. Grab a coffee. Come back for discussion, for encouragement, but live life.