Read This Amazingly Creative Poem and Be Inspired Once More By God’s Creation!

Rush, the sound of breathing.Then, a rush of wind, the first Word — YES!

Enjoy the first part to a poetic series by contributing writer Dan Doyle. A faithful wordsmith, Dan is here inspired by the  genius of our God at the beginning.


In The Beginning:

John 1: 1-18

Rush, the sound of breathing.

Then, a rush of wind, the first Word


And everything came into being,

Found its genesis in that Word.

Nothing existed before that Yes

Rushed out on the wind of a laugh.

Everything seen and unseen

Became itself in that Infinite Yes.

That Word was with the Word,

Was the Word in and of Itself.

It was Light begotten from Light

Pushing back the darkness of non-being.

In time, because we had grown

To prefer darkness to the Light,

And because the infinite Word

Could be nothing less than Yes,

This engendering Spirit,

This infinite weight

This sum of light,

In finite flesh,

Entered creation through

The fragile vase of a woman

Who in her meekness said, “yes”

To the infinite Yes.

This Yes, this perfect Yes;

This One-Being from One-Being,

This true Life from true Life,

That infuses all things, at all times,

With its eternal affirmation,

Calls us out of this finite darkness

Into Infinite Light once again.


So be it.