IKEA is Changing the Way Refugees are Housed

Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. – Galations 6:2

When people flee their homelands and seek safety in another land, one of the most pressing needs for these vulnerable people is safe housing. Often, these temporary shelters take the form of tents, but tents are only a short-term solution. The average tent only lasts about six months due to harsh climate conditions.

Sometimes, people are displaced for years on end. It’s often difficult to know when or if they will return to their homeland.

To help address the need for more permanent shelter in open-ended and drawn-out conflicts, the IKEA Foundation partnered with the United Nations to develop a lightweight but durable new shelter for refugees.

It comes flat packed to be easy to transport and can be assembled in a few hours. The houses are designed to last up to three years, a significant upgrade from the tent. There’s even a built-in solar panel built-in to the shelter that powers lights in the tents. This allows for chores, cooking, and studying to get done long past sun down.

Today, Syrians are the most displaced people in the world. There is no end in sight to the conflict that has forced them from their homeland. You can help them by donating to our Gift That Gives More which helps Mercy Corps provide aid to families in need.

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