Husband Wears Sign NEED KIDNEY 4 WIFE

Husband shows great dedication to his wife suffering with a failing kidney

Here is a wonderful story of dedication! Jimmy Sue Swilling, a native of South Carolina, was born with one kidney. After hearing news that her kidney is failing, her husband Larry Swilling, hit the streets of Anderson, South Carolina with a sandwich board on his shoulders stating, “NEED KIDNEY 4 WIFE.” The same message was put on his pickup truck. After dozens of people who got tested to see if their kidney was suitable for Jimmy Sue, a year later they found a match. The donor, a retired Navy lieutenant commander, had a request before the surgery.She wanted the surgery to take place on September 11th, to honor the men and women who has served their lives for their country and sacrificed themselves defending it. The donor’s wish was granted. So, on September 11th, the procedure happened and Larry and Jimmy Sue Swilling, says “everything is working A-ok, 200 percent.”

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