How Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?

Take a moment out of your busy holiday schedule to consider this important question!

What are your family traditions surrounding Christmas? Perhaps you bake cookies, decorate the tree, and exchange presents, like a lot of families. Maybe you do something a little different, like wear matching Christmas Eve pajamas and drink hot chocolate while waiting up for Santa. These traditions are wonderful and special, but they are hardly what the holidays are all about.


And let’s face it – the holidays can be stressful. We feel the need to create this perfect day, with all the right gifts, and the best food, with just the right people. Our intentions are good; we just want to make meaningful memories! But too often we lose sight of the One who came down to earth, lived a perfect life, and then died for our sins. That is the whole point of Christmas. Consumerism doesn’t equal happiness, memories, or meaning… Only Jesus does.

How would Jesus celebrate Christmas? Sure, it’s a funny thing to think about, seeing as it’s when we celebrate His birth, but it’s an interesting question. Would Jesus stand in line for hours to get the latest gaming system? Would he stress about the place settings and if there will be enough pie for everyone?

Probably not.

Now, I’m not saying you should abandon gift-giving or stop making delicious Christmas desserts – not at all! But what if this year, we were all more intentional with our time and money? What if we bought fewer gifts and instead, blessed someone in need with the money left over? What if we made cookies and gave them out to the neighbors we never see anymore?

Check out the video below for more thought-provoking questions and great ideas for how to spend the holiday season!