5 Hollywood Megastars Who Love Jesus

With monumental film projects sourced from Scritpure, it’s no surprise that there are some Christians moving in Hollywood’s highest circles.

Mark Wahlberg

After being arrested and charged with attempted murder when he was sixteen, Mark Wahlberg was left on his own in prison. With nowhere else to turn in his tight-knit, impoverished south Boston neighborhood, Wahlberg turned to Christ. In interviews, he’s declared his Christian identity as “the most important thing” in his life, and strives to begin every day with ten minutes in prayer. Mark Wahlberg talks publicly about his struggle, especially in this video.

Sherri Shepherd

Co-hostess on ABC’s The View, Sherri Shepherd was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and eventually left that body when her father was expelled for questioning some teachings of the elders. With divorce, the loss of a child, and a floundering career, Shepherd attended a Los Angeles church at her wits’ end, and met the only one who sustains and gives hope. With stand-up comedy and appearances on several turn of the millennium sitcoms, Shepherd has frequently been outspoken on the morning talkshow for her faith.