We Were Made To Serve And Give With Our Hands!

What miraculous and wonderful things His hands did. Watch this beautiful video and meditate on the words of this powerful song.

His hands, tools of creation
Stronger than Nations
Power without end
And yet through them, we find our truest friend
His hands
Sermons of kindness, healing men’s blindness
Halting years of pain
Children waiting to be held again

His hands would serve his whole life through
Showing men what hands might do
Giving ever giving endlessly
Each day was filled with selflessness
And I’ll not rest ’til I make of my hands
What they could be
‘Til these hands become like those from Galilee.

His hands
Lifting a leoper, boring a begger
Calling back the dead
Breaking bread, 5,000 fed
His hands, hushing contention
pointing to heaven ever free of sin
Then bidding man to follow him


His hands
Clasp in agony
As he lay pleading, bleeding in the garden
While just moments away
Other hands betray him, out of greed
Shameful greed
And then his hands, are trembling
straining to carry the beams that they been nailed to
as he stumbles through the streets,
heading for the hill on which he died
He would DIE
They take his hands, his mighty hands
Those gentle hands.. and then they peirced them, they peirced them
he lets them because of love.
From birth to death was selflessness
And clearly now I see him with his hands calling to me
And though I’m not yet as I would be
He has shown me how I could be
I will make my hands like those from Galilee.

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