Too Funny! This Pushy Driver Learns Not To Honk At Granny…

This hysterical video is the perfect parable about not feeling too high and mighty!

Life is full of little idiosyncrasies, little moments of absurdity. They are on their own, small things, usually passing without notice. But there are times when one of these brief, serendipitous events breaks through the fog of everyday life. When this does happen, great and momentous truths may reveal themselves to us.

The video here is hilarious on several levels. There’s the fragile, old woman, barely able to walk, confronting the wealthy, self-important business type in his fancy convertible who is upset that this old woman is in his way, messing with his “important” time. All of this comes together on a common, neighborhood street corner and is captured on film.

Looks like this impatient Mercedes driver misplaced his manners. Watch granny give him what he deserves! Hilarious!


With the development of smart phones and even common cell phones, we forget often that there are cameras everywhere and people are capturing the events of life, its foibles, idiocies, and outrageous behaviors every day.

In the case of this video we have a modern parable. Its value is in its humor. This event could not have been planned better by a Hollywood director for an 80’s Frat flick. The beauty of it is that the man in the fancy car is in the wrong, but he shows his frustration and self-importance, his false feeling that he is above the little things like the law, by honking at the old lady; not once, but several times.

The little old lady is not strong enough to do anything about it. She can’t walk any faster. She is in the cross walk, has the right to be where she is. She is not “important”, except for one very important thing—she’s a human being. She has earned something that the younger man in the fancy car has not. She possesses the dignity of her old age. We used to honor age, but today, the elderly are among a growing list of dispensable people in modern life.

The younger man in the car is in a hurry and impatient. He was operating on the premise that his time was more important than hers, indeed that he was more important than she is.

But here is where the humor of God comes to play. This video is a modern parable. The parable is not about the old lady, its about the man in the fancy car. He is the one that needs the lesson in moral character, and compassion. This little old lady is weak, is not capable of doing damage to anything or anyone. But in a simple act she swings her shopping bag at the insulting vehicle in a gesture somewhat like a grandmother getting the attention of a precocious grandchild. She taps the license plate of the offending vehicle and the air bag in the driver’s steering wheel deploys, right into his face. Ah, pure justice.

In this humorous moment the proud one got his comeuppance and knew it. He did not come out of his car in a rage, he got a sudden insight into his own arrogance and this little one, this “inconsequential” one, gave him a great lesson, a life saving lesson.

How many times do we get caught up in our own self-importance? How many times do we dehumanize the other because they do not come up to our self-perceived value? If we are lucky we get a humorous comeuppance like the one in this film and we are given a chance to see ourselves in a truer light, and to laugh at ourselves. We are no greater than anyone else, even if we have more money, or more important positions in the middle of our working lives.

I believe that God has a sense of humor like this and that he works in and through it for our benefit all the time. This short, serendipitous video is an example of how our often prideful selves need to be stopped short before we get too far down the road of prideful arrogance.

This little old lady was an instrument in the hands of Jesus here. Her little gesture of righteous recrimination toward the offending car opened a window into God’s view of life for the driver, and for all of us, with a humor that might possibly teach him, and us, how to be more human, more compassionate, in the future. Maybe it can teach us not to take ourselves too seriously. May we all be so gently corrected when we are caught up in acting too pridefully in the future. Amen!