Heart Warming Tale: Dolphin Saves Beached Whales

See how this kind dolphin, Moko, came to the rescue and did what her human friends couldn’t manage!

This wonderful story will put a smile on your face. In New Zealand, rescuers spent hours trying to save mother and calf pygmy sperm whales that had become trapped in a bay and beached themselves several times. They feared they would have to put the whales out of their misery as their seemed to be very little hope of saving them. That is until a hero bottle nosed dolphin name Moko came to the rescue. See how the friendly dolphin led the distressed whales to safety and then enjoyed an afternoon of play with kids at the beach! We love these stories of animals helping each other. It’s so touching to see the same virtues of kindness and compassion, that we cherish so much, in the animal kingdom!