New York Rescue Mission Has a Question: Would You Notice Your Family on the Street? What if They Were Dressed Different? Have the Homeless Become Invisible?

Veronika, Shaunya, Tom and Evan are normal New Yorkers, but they never could have guessed this. Have the homeless become invisible?

Veronika, Shaunya, Tom and Evan are normal New Yorkers. And I mean that in the best way: they’re everyday people living everyday lives, close to friends and family, loving and sharing in life together regularly. Veronika’s sister practically raised her, Shaunya cooks regularly for her uncle, Tom met his wife on the town, Evan’s cousin was his childhood playmate, getting into trouble with Grandma’s theatre costuming. But these friends and family members are all homeless. Well, at least they were for a day as New York Rescue Mission asked a question: have the homeless become so invisible that you wouldn’t notice your own family? Check out the emotional response below.