Wow! I’ve Never Seen A Gymnastics Routine Like This!

This dedicated father had a special surprise for his family.

Emma had hoped that her dad would make it home to watch her perform her gymnastics routine, but her dad was had been deployed overseas. It was her very first Level 7 gymnastics meet, so it was a very big deal. Emma’s mom and sister were in the audience watching and cheering Emma on. Unbeknownst to them, there was a whole other event going on behind the scenes.

“Emma, she has apparently been very hopeful that I’m magically going to just show up somehow,” says her father in the video below. He just finished a five-month deployment tour in Africa and now was on a covert mission to make his daughter’s wish come true. To keep up the rouse that he was still overseas, he continued to Skype with his daughters while waiting in hiding. But that was all about to change as the gymnastics meet began.

A dedicated family man and a brave member of the military, Emma’s father wasn’t about to let his little girl be disappointed. It may not have been his most complicated mission, but I’m sure it was his favorite. Make sure you watch what happens in the video below, and see what Emma’s reaction was to her father’s surprise!