Awakened: God Speaks Through Music!

See the inspiring way music awakened the mind of an elderly dementia patient. God spoke to him!

Watch this absolutely heart-warming clip from the new documentary Alive Inside. Nursing home resident, Henry, has spent years hunched over in his wheel chair, barely responsive to the world around him. That is until therapists give him an iPod filled with music from his youth. Suddenly Henry is alert and animated. He is singing and dancing in his chair.

Before he was given the music, Henry was slipping deeper into dementia. But God spoke to Henry through the music and reawakened him. According to Henry, “The Lord came to me, made me holy. I’m a holy man. So He gave me these sounds.”

This wonderful clip will bring a tear to your eye. If you’re interested in learning more about Alive Inside, which follows the effects of music on elderly dementia patients, visit their website. Alive Inside premiers next week!