Do you remember the last time you got up in the morning and were genuinely excited to start the day talking to the Lord? Yeah, me either. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I woke up without a giant to-do list hanging over my head. Most times I start the day already feeling behind, and I know a lot of you are the same way.

During these busy seasons in life, I promise myself I’ll spend time with God tomorrow. Or maybe next weekend. Oh, wait, I can’t go to church on Sunday, I have that thing, but next weekend, definitely. Then next weekend turns into next month, but once the busy season is over, I’ll get back into the habit of praying and reading my Bible. Sound familiar?

Or maybe you’ve been stuck in a slump for a while either at work, in your personal life, in your prayer life, or maybe all three at the same time. You can’t hear God speaking to you anymore. You’re not motivated like you once were to read the Word and spend time with your Heavenly Father.

We’ve all experienced this feeling of despair and burn out in our lives. It may seem like we can’t hear God, but maybe that’s because we aren’t truly listening. God speaks to us in a million different ways throughout the day, but far too often we’re distracted or stressed about something else.

In the short but powerful video below, see how God is trying to reach out to his child, whom he loves. Time and time again, the man misses God’s encouraging words. It starts off with one note here, one there, but soon, entire rooms are filled with messages from God. And what is the man doing? Eating pizza with his headphones plugged in.

God is speaking. Are you listening?