Generous Woman Funds Homeless Man’s Ticket Home To Jamaica.

Don’t miss this amazing act of kindness made possible by the power of social media!

A thoughtful woman in London can now add ‘philanthropist’ to her resume after pulling off an incredible act of kindness.

Jenny Baker met 64-year-old homeless man, Michael, one night while she was out in East London. When she got home she posted this message to crowd-funding site, explaining his story:

“He told me that he is 64 and came over to England with his mum for a better life. Unfortunately his mother passed away and he found himself homeless with no funds. He told me that all he wants more than anything in the world is to go back to Jamaica where he says he will be fine and happy again.”


Baker’s message spread across social media through twitter and Facebook. She set the fund up on a Sunday with the goal of raising around $1,300 and raised it in one day! By the following week, donations had amounted to more than $14,000. She promised to give it all to Michael.

She tracked down Michael to tell the good news and use some of the money to set him up in a hotel with some warm clothes and fresh toiletries.

Because of Jenny’s kindness, willingness to listen, and generosity, Michael is now planning his trip home. Just think what a difference we could make if we took the time to listen to someone in need!