Generous Kid Donates Birthday Money To Local Animal Shelter

Ten-year-old, Mason Smith loves animals so much that he used his birthday, as an opportunity to help dogs and cats living in shelters.

Ten-year-old Mason Smith loves animals so much that he used his birthday as an opportunity to help shelter animals in his community. Instead of asking for birthday gifts, he told his parents and family that all he wanted for his birthday was for them to donate food, treats, and money to a local animal shelter. Mason received donations summing up to two-hundred dollars as well as treats, food and toys.


Marjolein Lemmon, the shelter’s executive director was pleasantly surprised by Mason’s generosity. “It’s been done before by adults,” says Lemmon, “but this is the first time a child decided to give his birthday money to the shelter…we are going to put Mason’s money towards a fund set where we do half-price adoptions for people that can’t afford it.”

Mason’s mom wasn’t surprised by his act of kindness, “He’s got a big heart,” she says. Fondness for God’s creatures comes naturally to Mason, after all, the Smith family has dozens of rescued animals on their 80-acre ranch.