Weddings are a time for reverence and revelry, and sometimes these things get combined into that special tradition of the father-daughter dance for the bride. While we all expect the normal wedding dances to be slow and simple, sometimes we get a fun little surprise, and this one is certainly interesting!

The traditional father-daughter dance can take on many different dances. There are the traditional slow dance or a rehearsed two-step that we all sit back and admire the beautiful bride and her father take in one last moment. Then you have the untraditional, and this is where the fun really begins! We’re so glad this daddy and daughter decided to go non-traditional!

You have probably by now seen plenty of these awesome dances but this one is special to us. Watch as this lovely bride enjoys a very special moment with her father… and then… wait for it! It’s about to get good (yeah, we know, it takes a little too long, but bear with us).

These two obviously share a mutual respect for combining revelry and reverence! It’s so much fun to take a peek into other people’s weddings, isn’t it? And you don’t even have to dress up!