13 Church Signs That Are Too Clever For Their Own Good

Every church has a sign outside complete with changeable block letters. The messages are meant to inspire people or make a statement, but other times they are used to make us laugh.

We scoured the internet to find the best church signs that made us LOL. From small towns to the big city, try not to crack a smile:

1. Since when is football in the bible?

2. That’s an interesting take on Click! The Movie

3. And they’re sugar-free!

4. When it’s hot as hell!

5. Straight to the point.

6. That person is screwed.

7. Curse those skiers.

8. Parting the red sea was easy. Try HWY 6!

9. He can do what he wants.

10. The best way to reach baby boomers: Star Wars

11. Calling all dog lovers.

12. Wait for it…

13. The bible couldn’t have said it any better! But wait it did…

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Chris Winters is an avid writer who also loves to hunt ghosts when she’s not at her keyboard. Although she once saw someone walking towards her with a sheet over their head, she’s yet to confirm that they exist.
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