Master Sgt. Joseph Martell returned home from deployment in Afghanistan a month early, he took it as an opportunity to surprise his teenage son. Returning early from his tour of duty overseas, this father decided he had to surprise his son during his football game.

While showing up at the game unannounced probably would have been surprise enough, Martell took it a step further. He put on the opposing team’s jersey and joined his son on the playing field when the referee called a meeting on the 50-yard line. It takes Justin all of three seconds to recognize his dad when he removed his helmet. His son’s reaction is priceless!

It’s very clear that these two have a very close bond by the emotions that flow out as soon as he know’s his dad is home. They say crying is not allowed on the field but we can all agree that rule does not apply in a situation like this!

See their emotional reunion for yourself!