She Had Never Seen A Bed Before Being Rescued, And Then She Goes Crazy

This heartwarming video shows Delilah experiencing a bed for the first time in her life after spending nine years in a metal cage at a puppy mill. 

After being rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue, she now is free from her former life, and ready to go on to bigger and better things.

The life of a dog in a puppy mill is anything but optimistic. Often forced to live in unsanitary and dangerous conditions, puppy mill animals are brought into this world for the sole purpose of someone’s selfish financial gain, and face a daily struggle just to survive.

Stories like Delilah’s are sadly few and far between, but those we do find are especially moving.

Along with the freedom to stretch her legs out on a warm new bed, Delilah has a great life ahead of her.

This video may be short, but it will make you smile.

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