Farmer’s Touching Memorial to His Beloved Wife

See the incredible heart-shaped meadow this devoted husband created for his late wife.

Shortly after British farmer Winston Howes’ wife, Janet, died unexpectedly he embarked on a wonderful labor of love that would memorialize her and remind him of the 33 years of marriage and love that they shared. Howes spent an entire week planting 6000 sapling oak trees in a six acre pasture, leaving a perfect heart in the middle of the grove. The one acre heart is ringed by a hedge and completely hidden away, only accessible from a narrow path.

Howes’ pointed the tip of the heart in the direction of his late wife’s home town. He now visits the peaceful, heart-shaped meadow he’s created to sit and remember Janet and “think about things.” This beautiful memorial remained a secret for 17 years, until hot air balloonist Andy Collett floated over the heart and took the picture above. Could you imagine a more touching way to remember a loved one?

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