Family is Miraculously Saved After Savage Car Crash

After being rear-ended by a tractor trailer, this young family of three was left trapped in their mangled car dangling precariously from the edge of a bridge. The semi truck that hit them had plummeted 100 feet below, sadly killing the driver, and the family was at risk of falling as well. The mother, 10-year-old daughter, and 10-week-old infant were miraculously in excellent condition even though their car was smashed beyond all recognition. Rescue workers worried that they wouldn’t be able to free the family without causing the car to slip from the bridge. Just then a U.S. Navy construction crew appeared with heavy equipment that allowed the rescuers to support the car and extricate the crash victims easily. God certainly sent some guardian angels just in the nick of time!

Also, see how God didn’t just send angels in the form of rescue workers but, rather, sent real guardian angels to pull victims of a car crash from the fiery wreckage in this amazing video.

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