Don’t Waste Your Life

True to form, John Piper delivers a fiery and provocative message about our culture. See what he has to say!

Listen to this provocative sermon from Pastor John Piper, in which he questions the developed world’s fixation on retirement. When there are so many people in the world who have nothing, who suffer and die every day because of the poverty they live in; Piper questions the morality of billions of dollars being spent so that able bodied people can spend decades relaxing and doing nothing. He questions the idea that we should spend those final decades of our lives playing games, rather than doing Christ’s work in the world. Is retirement your reward in life or is Jesus?

We, at FaithHub, hope to spend our Golden Years in relative comfort, just like anyone else and would hope that none of our retired audience interpret our posting this video as a personal attack. We merely wish to create dialog and share teachings of a popular pastor. Tell us what you think.

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