These Cool Canines are Absolutely Hilarious When They Share An Icy Treat

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing quite like an ice cream cone to cool things down.

These two hungry pups have the right idea. Daisy does, at least.

While Cooper looks on in longing envy, Daisy tickles her tongue with delicious vanilla ice cream.

The anticipation is too much for Cooper to bear, however. In one gulp, he completely alters this snack session, and gives us all something to laugh at.

I scream, you scream, even Daisy and Cooper scream for ice cream. But waiting your turn for a taste, now that’s a different story all together.

Looks like someone is going to have some serious brain freeze!

Watch Daisy and Cooper share a cool cone in the video below, and see if you aren’t hungry for more hilarity afterwards!

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