One Mom Turned Her House Into A Disney Dream!

I can’t decide which room is my favorite!

I’m a huge fan of classic Disney movies, new Disney movies, Disneyland, Disney World, and the list goes on and on. However, my appreciation for all things Disney pales in comparison to Kelsey Hermanson’s appreciation. Just how much does she love Disney? This mother of 2 turned her Seattle home into an homage to her favorite Disney movies – with each room dedicated to a different Disney classic.


From a The Little Mermaid bathroom to a Beauty and the Beast dinning room, Kelsey has truly thought of it all. Perhaps even more amazing than her dedication to Disney is her resourcefulness. Kelsey finds as many things as she can at thrift stores or from second-hand websites. Oftentimes, she’ll find amazing pieces for much less than you’d think. Like the gorgeous 1800s bed frame she used in her Cinderella bedroom.


“I grew up in Southern California and we would go to Disneyland all the time and I just love when you go there, you walk through those gates and you’re in a different world. You’re not in reality, you’re somewhere else. And I wanted that in our home,” Kelsey told Good Morning America. “I wanted to be able to go into different rooms and feel a little bit of that Disney magic in every room.”


When asked what her favorite room is, Kelsey said the Lilo and Stitch/Moana-themed living room. Her family has lovingly named it the Aloha room. The first room she decorated was an Alice in Wonderland bathroom. She said she wanted it to feel like you fell down the rabbit hole. The house is still a work in progress, with such future projects as a Cars garage and a Frozen bedroom.

Let’s take a look at more of Kelsey’s Disney dream house!


Incredible! Kelsey’s caption reads, “Happy Mermaid Monday everyone! We have been working on redoing our girls Ariel bathroom. Here is a sneak peek! Eric helped me install this fantastic light fixture above the sink. I thought it was too bright so I added some shades using an adorable transparent folder from Japan. I love how it came out!”


Just look at this incredible master bathroom! I’m in love!

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