This psalm is a mighty, joyous, faithful prayer of thanksgiving. In the first four verses, this line is repeated as a refrain, “His steadfast love endures forever.” The Apostle John tells us in his First Letter, that, “God is love.” (1 John 4:7ff) This is God’s nature. It is this love that we can put all of our trust in for it “endures forever.” It is in this knowledge that we can place our whole trust in God alone.

Human beings have always been tempted to put their trust in other human beings. History is full of stories of human beings putting their trust and faith in some charismatic leader, who draws them into believing that they are their savior, but who leads them eventually into wild paroxysms of death and destruction, while convincing them that they are doing these things for some illusory, or some patently distorted, “greater good.”

Have we not all had experiences where we placed our trust in another person only to have that trust destroyed? For example, have we not often made the mistake of putting our trust in some political candidate, hoping that his or her flowery campaign promises would be followed up with consistent actions that would somehow save us, or change the world in accord with our hopes and dreams only to find out later that is was all just empty rhetoric? This is, or ought to be, an object lesson for we Christians. It is foolish for us to put our highest trust, our fullest faith, in anyone other than God.

The world will always disappoint us. Even those we love in this world will sometimes fail us. That is a fact. Our faith tells us that Jesus has already answered and fulfilled humanity’s greatest need. His life, suffering, death and resurrection, won the final victory over sin and death once and for all. His self-sacrificing act of forgiveness on the cross, opened the gates of Paradise to us once again. And, when he ascended back to the Father, he did not leave us alone. He remains with us in his Holy Spirit. When we put our trust in him, especially during those times of our greatest need, he is with us, ready to give us the graces we need to endure, to forgive, and to grow. It is God alone that deserves our highest trust and our fullest faith. In him there is no disappointment.

Lord, help us to see that it is in putting our trust in you that we find our greatest joy and our ultimate salvation. It is from you that we receive the graces that we need to win the battle against temptations of all kinds. In you alone do we find the courage to love one another as you loved us. Increase our faith, Lord, so that we may know you, love you, and serve you in this world and be with you in the next. We pray these this prayer in the name of Jesus. Amen!

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