Up to 50% of women are at a higher risk to breast cancer and it’s not due to family history, daily habits, or work environment. It’s due to dense breasts.

Most women will need additional screening, other than mammograms, in order to pick up what is referred to as “dense breast tissue.” This tissue shows up as particularly bright white on mammography results, which can make it difficult for technicians and doctors to see cancer forming in the breast tissue.

Women who have dense breasts likely need additional screening outside a traditional mammography to ensure they do not have breast cancer.

What you need to know is that doctors are not required to inform women that they have dense breasts uniformly across the nation. It varies by state.

As of May of 2017, only thirty-one states require doctors to provide this vital, life-saving information.

Watch the video to hear how one Michigan woman’s fight against breast cancer led her to advocate for a change in her state’s healthcare laws.

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