Benefits Of Daily Prayer

See the research behind these benefits!

Studies show that people who pray daily, or even meditate on the name of God for as little as 20 minutes every day, reap psychological, emotional and even physical benefits. More than half of all Americans say they pray every day, and 75 percent of Americans feel prayer is an important part of daily life. Science seems to back up the fact that millions of people find solace in regular meditations lifted up to God. Read more about these 10 benefits of praying every day.

Increases Trust

People who pray together with a close friend increase their trust in that person. Praying as a group brings people closer to each other and helps build relationships. If you want to feel closer to a friend, co-worker or family member, try praying together on a regular basis.


Daily prayer acts as a form of meditation. It clears your mind and lets you focus on the simple aspect of leaving your burdens to God. When you converse with God, He shows you your true self and makes you aware of your genuine feelings and thoughts on whatever subject you bring before Him.

More Forgiveness

Praying for your friend or romantic partner makes you a more forgiving person. Forgiveness embodies the ministry of Jesus, as He commanded humanity to forgive one another.

Seeing What’s Important

Prayer can help remind you of your priorities and improves your spiritual discernment in daily life. Daily talks with God prevent your faith from being blind as you walk your spiritual path. Prayer helps you see with your mind, not with your eyes.

More Self-Control

Research shows that prayer before a mentally exhausting exercise helps give you more fortitude and self-control. Prayer has been shown to decrease alcohol consumption as well as increase energy levels while performing laborious tasks. Try prayer right before your 2 mile run, before writing that 10 page term paper or ahead of a stressful 12 hour drive.

Decrease Stress

The subject of your prayers doesn’t matter in the scope of the many scientific studies on the power of prayer. Engaging in this activity lowers stress, whether you pray for a sick loved one, world peace or a successful outcome of some event.

Fewer Headaches

Less stress on the body reduces headaches and increases tolerance to pain. One study compared people who pray to God versus those who simple meditate on common phrases such as “Grass is green.” The spiritual meditators saw more benefits, so it matters that you take your thoughts to a higher power.

Less Chronic Disease

Lowering stress and anxiety also decreases your risk of chronic illnesses such as ulcers, headaches, depression and high blood pressure. Your health is better off when you pray to God.

Positive Outlook

Praying regularly means you probably have a more positive outlook on life. This is probably because you rely on your trust in God to see you through any rough patches in life.


Prayer can help you to remain humble by reminding you of your strengths, weaknesses and reliance on God. Prayer lets you know your limits and what you can handle as opposed to being boastful. Read more lessons in prayer here.