This Father’s Love Knows No Bounds: Touching Surprise On Daughter’s Wedding Day!

Ralph Duquette knew from the first moment he held his baby daughter in his arms, that one day he would walk her down the isle, and give her away on her wedding day. What he couldn’t possibly have planned for however, was a grueling fight with leukemia. Ralph is a survivor, but he is not without battle scars. The cancer left him blind in one eye, and too weak to walk. When his daughter got engaged, Ralph knew he wanted to be the one to give her away, and walk her down the isle like he always dreamed. He worked with physical therapists and multiple doctors, and persevered even when they told him it probably wasn’t going to happen. This dedicated dad practiced going up and down the stairs, and walking back and forth in the yard in secret, so as not to ruin the surprise. He fell several times, and picked himself back up. Was it worth it? According to his daughter, Heather, “I remember how I felt and I know I’ll never feel anything like that again,” Heather told King 5, “It was a miracle. It was something that just made my day more than I could expect it to be.”

Watch this amazing show of love and dedication! Join us in prayer and thanksgiving for this family, and the newlyweds!

Posted by KING 5 on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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