Amazing! See How These Teens Survived!

The power of love between a pair of teenagers in Claremont, California, turned electric during a summer thunderstorm. Amazingly, a simple act of public affection just may have saved their young lives and prevented tragedy.

High-school sweethearts Dylan Corliss and Lexie Varga were on a date, walking down a tree-lined street hand-in-hand on their way to pick up some hamburgers. A storm broke out, and Dylan felt a sharp pain over the top of his head, as if he had been hit with a metal object. The teens flew three feet and slammed into the ground. Looking at each other with terror in their eyes, they thought there may have been an earthquake. However, a bystander approached Corliss and Varga and told them that they were struck by a bolt of lightning, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Dr. Stephen Reynoso, who treated the teens, believes that holding hands saved the couple’s lives. Dr. Reynoso said that the lightning hit Corliss in the head and then traveled through his hand to Varga, ultimately exiting through her left foot. Holding hands dissipated the power of the electrical current, preventing serious injury, reports ABC 7 Eyewitness News Los Angeles.

The teens felt tingly and achy, and Varga had a small bruise on her left foot, but they were otherwise completely unharmed. Varga’s mother Lori Varga can’t fully wrap her mind around what happened, but she told reporters that she feels “very fortunate,” according to the New York Daily News. Amazingly, Corliss and Varga say that they both tend to talk with their hands a lot, so they rarely hold hands.

Miracles are powerful, but one that involves such an act of love is miraculous.

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