Make Someone’s Day: Spread Sunshine With Random Acts of Kindness

Matthew 7:12 commands us to do good. Here are a few creative ways to fulfill that commandment!

Acts of kindness, whether random or intentional offer a great way to bless someone. You can show kindness to people you interact with daily and those you encounter on a random basis. While it is easy to recognize the benefits for the recipient, showing kindness reflects to bless you too. These acts reduce the amount of stress hormones you produce by twenty-three percent and help to lower your blood pressure.

The Unholiday

While birthdays, anniversaries and holidays offer opportunities to celebrate special people in your life, why wait for a special occasion? Celebrate an unholiday by bringing flowers to your wife when there is no special day. Give a child a present when he is not celebrating a birthday. Give the gift of time to a parent without regard for the calendar.

Cards for Soldiers

While the military no longer maintains a national post office box for correspondence with soldiers, local chapters of the American Red Cross collect cards and letters to forward to the troops. Sending a card shows kindness to a young man or woman who is far from home.

Snail Mail

Break up the junk mail and send some positive vibes! Say thanks to someone who has impacted your life- a former teacher, supervisor or administrator who made a difference and send your words of appreciation in a handwritten letter. It only takes a few minutes and the cost is minimal, but the impact can brighten their day.

Utilize Technology

Short on time? It doesn’t take long to email or text a co-worker or friend with a few words of encouragement!

Greeting Cards for Sick Children

If you know a sick child, send him a greeting card. Another option is to send a card to a children’s hospital for the staff to distribute to a child in need of a dose of cheer. Brightly colored cards can make a difference when children face serious or terminal illnesses.

Help a Lonely Senior

Spend an afternoon with a lonely senior neighbor or relative. Often health issues prevent seniors from simple tasks such as changing a light bulb. Offer your help while you are visiting.

Take Time to Listen

Put away your phone or tablet and close your laptop. Take some time to listen to people, including your immediate family.

Give Verbal Compliments

Compliment your spouse on her looks or efforts to prepare a meal. Offer random compliments, such as one to a parent who is struggling to redirect a child in a grocery store.

Make Donations

While a personal touch is ideal, charities in your neighborhood bless people who are out of your reach. Cash donations help these organizations with their operating budgets, while used clothing and appliances are helpful in job training programs.

Make Follow-Up Calls

After a death, families have a great deal of initial support, but over time it wanes. The same happens after a diagnosis of a serious disease. Make a phone call or visit to a friend as a follow up a few weeks after the event. Give the gift of time.

Follow the Command

Matthew 7:12 commands us to do good. What creative ways have you followed this commandment? Share in the comments below!